All Creatures Small & Smaller is a game about discovery and learning.

You will explore different areas, identify animals, and reveal more info about each creature you find.

Will you be able to become an expert at ALL the animals?

Good luck!

This game was made for HonestJam2 with the theme Discover.


AllCreaturesSmall&Smaller(PC).zip 4 MB


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I am a FAN of this game and ALL of its beautifully illustrated inhabitants! The game play is rather limited, however - this game is not about the pure gameplay. Its about the animals you meet along the way. Really nice mood; educational too! 

Bonus awards if there's a DLC for a trivia game based on the facts in the journal. 

The game is so good :)

Beautiful and fun. I also learned some things :)

It's a fun game! The art is awesome, and do take the time to read the Journal entries :)